Telecom Shutdown

PLC based system

We have developed and deployed a PLC based system for Telecom Shutdown in hazardous areas and situations both on offshore rigs and land based Oil&Gas related industry. The system has been successfully deployed on two BP platforms, Lomond and Bruce.

Main functionality is to totally shut down all telecom lines in case of fire or gas alarm. The lines are also constantly monitored to ensure that the system is operational at all times.

Alarm logging

The system is fully configurable to ignore sections or permanently shut down sections, the alarms and events are logged and displayed in a central operator panel.

Fail safe operation

ShutCom has a fail safe operation mode. Should anything happen to parts of the system or the link to the alarm system be broken, the system will automatically go in shutdown mode.

Multirack deployment

The system is designed both for standalone and linked operation. Several shutdown racks may be linked together and operated from a remote industrial PC panel. The link could be based on fiberoptic cable or any other communication desirable.


To provide redundancy, all panels allow for manual operation in addition to operation from a central operator panel or a mobile station that may be hooked up at location.

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